Sunday, June 05, 2005

« A watched Tiger never boils »

By Suss
I told my college roommate that the Detroit Tigers play so well every time I see them on TV. This was due to them beating up on the Orioles 7-3 after four innings. Then we went bowling.

While I was gone (e.g., not watching them), Baltimore came back and scored some runs.

Some = Eleven.

Baltimore went on to win, 14-7. (Box score opens in a new window)

And I turn on the TV just as Dmitri Young steps to the plate. He promptly smacks a two-run homer.

I think Detroit's kicking themselves for not striking that deal with Detroit's UPN 50. This is the first year in a while that Tiger baseball has not been on that channel. Now they're only seen on Fox Sports Detroit and sparingly on ESPN, if at all.

Perhaps I could petition the Tigers to be an official "watcher of the game" so they don't lose so many. I say this because nobody else in the history of the world has ever kept track of their team winning games while they see them vs. not seeing them. Nobody ever does that. Nope. Not once. Not you. Just me.