Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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By Suss
In "Pulp Fiction" we all learned that in France a Quarter Pounder with cheese is called a Royale with cheese.

If the Royals had any cheese last night, it would have been swiss, because their mitts were full of holes in the ninth inning.

With a 7-2 lead going into the final inning, the Indians had narrowed the deficit to 7-5 with one out and runners at first and third. A Ron Belliard pop up into short center field was chased down by shortstop Angel Berroa, but the ball harmlessly bounced off the side of his mitt and landed to the ground. Travis Hafner scored, but the Royals did manage the forceout at second base.

With one out away from holding on with a 7-6 win, closer Mike MacDougal had worked Leifer into a 1-2 count and got him to hit a fly ball to left field.

Chip Ambres' mitt was full of swiss cheese (pictured right) as the ball eluded the leather confines. Belliard scored all the way from first, making it a 7-7 game.

They blew a 5-run lead, but it only got worse.

The first pitch to next batter Aaron Boone bounced off the left field wall, scoring Leifer and taking the lead in improbable fashion. Royals manager Buddy Bell promptly yanked MacDougal in favor of pitcher Jimmy Gobble.

Gobble intentionally walked Casey Blake to get to Grady Sizemore, who lined a base hit to right field. The ball landed in front of fielder Emil Brown, then bounced off (yet again) Brown's mitt and skipped by him. Boone and Blake scored.

After Coco Crisp drew a walk, Jhonny Peralta capped off the wacky inning with a 3-run homer before Hafner, at the plate again, struck out to end the inning.

In the bottom of the ninth, the Royals had an opportunity to make the same comeback, but didn't even reach base.

Final score: Indians 13, Royals 7.

Never before had I heard the home crowd boo a team so loudly. Then again, if a team has a 5-run lead in the 9th, commits 3 errors and loses by 6, I'd wear out my throat too.

Now what do they call the worst team in baseball in France?


Anonymous Matthew Cary said...

In defense of the Royals, one of the 3 errors was later overturned and Ronnie Belliard was given an RBI, not that it made the the inning any better for them.

August 11, 2005 2:54 AM  

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