Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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By Suss
Yeah, I admit it. I bit off more than I could chew.

I had this whole plan where I would write about one baseball team's '05 season per day. That's a lot of teams, but fer Chrissakes that's a lot of stats to look up, a lot of obscure stats to track down (I'm not gonna jank them from some Web site) and a bunch of analysis.

There's 30 teams to write about. Thirty. That's gonna take me to December. You NaNoWriMo people sure have grit and persistence. I don't.

I admit complete and utter failure for not even getting a third the way through. Give me credit for setting goals and trying to stick to a schedule, but there's plenty of other sports I want to write about.

The NFL season is in the meat of the schedule. College basketball is starting up. College football is as hilarious as ever. Most notably, it's curling season.

This series may not have finished by Christmas -- instead, I gave up on Veteran's Day.

Besides,'s Hot Stove Report is way better and pretty much says everything I want to. So go there.

I have other athletic fish to fry.

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