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By Suss
Players to be named later. It's kind of an odd stipulation to a baseball trade, but it happens a lot.

Often times the player who is named later gets no attenion because he is a minor league player nobody's heard of.

Now the player isn't just picked out of the entire organization, or even out of the entire level in the minor league. No, the teams say in advance which of these 5-10 players are suitable for you to take when chosen, according to a 2000 Slate article.

Usually the trade is done to get it under the deadline so that the players can contribute for each team, and the player is usually a minor league filler player.

However, not always is that the case, as I've pored through all of the transactions on RetroSheet and come up with a good 25-man roster of current MLB players who have been this unheralded"PNL" at some point in their career. Here we are:


1. CF Scott Podsednik, White Sox: In 1995, traded from Texas to Florida along with Wilson Heredia (also a PNL) in exchange for Bobby Witt. (Named two months later)

2. RF Coco Crisp, Indians: In 2002, sent from St. Louis to Cleveland along with a prospect in exchange for Chuck Finley. (Named 19 days later)

3. DH David Ortiz, Red Sox: In 1996, traded from Seattle to Minnesota in exchange for Dave Hollins. (Named 15 days later)

4. 1B Dmitri Young, Tigers: In 1997, traded from Tampa Bay to Cincinnati in exchange for Mike Kelly. (Named 7 days later)

5. LF Moises Alou, Giants: In 1990, traded from Pittsburgh to Montreal along with Scott Ruskin and Willie Greene in exchange for Zane Smith. (Named eight days later)

6. SS Fernando Vina, Tigers: In 1994, traded from New York Mets to Milwaukee along with fellow PNL Javier Gonzalez in exchange for Doug Henry. (Named 22 days later)

7. 2B Marco Scutaro, A's: In 2000, sent from Cleveland along with Paul Rigdon, Richie Sexson and Kane Davis to the Brewers in exchange for Bob Wickman, Steve Woodard and Jason Bere. (Named 33 days later)

8. 3B Keith Ginter, A's
: In 2002, sent from Houston to Milwaukee along with another player to be named later (Wayne Franklin) in exchange for Mark Loretta and cash. (Named 5 days later)

9. C Miguel Olivo, Mariners: In 2000, sent from Oakland to Chicago in exchange for Chad Bradford. (Named 6 days later)


Jason Schmidt, Giants: In 1996, traded from Atlanta to Pittsburgh along with Ron Wright in exchange for Denny Neagle. (Named two days later)

Jeremy Bonderman, Tigers: In 2002, sent to Detroit from Oakland in the three-team deal that sent Jeff Weaver from Detroit to New York, Ted Lilly from New York to Oakland and Carlos Pena, Franklyn German and Bonderman from Oakland to Detroit. (Named 50 days later)

Tony Armas, Jr., Nationals: In 1997, traded from Boston to Montreal along with Carl Pavano in exchange for Pedro Martinez. (Named a month later)

Kevin Brown, Yankees: In 1990, traded from New York Mets to Milwaukee along with PNL Julio Machado in exchange for PNL Kevin Carmody and Charlie O'Brien. (Named eight days later). He was also a PNL in 1987 when Atlanta sent him to New York in exchange for Terry Blocker.

Ted Lilly, Blue Jays: In 1999-2000, sent from Montreal to New York Yankees along with another PNL (Christian Parker) in exchange for Hideki Irabu. (Named 3 months later)


Jose Mesa, Pirates: In 1987, traded from Toronto to Baltimore along with Oswaldo Peraza in exchange for Mike Flanagan. (Named 4 days later)

Ray King, Cardinals: In 1996, traded from Cincinnati to Atlanta along with Chad Fox in exchange for Mike Kelly.

Matt Belisle, Reds
: In 2003, sent from Atlanta to Cincinnati in exchange for Kent Mercker. (Named two days later)

Elizardo Ramirez, Reds: In 2003, sent from Philadelphia along with other prospects to Cincinnati in exchange for Cory Lidle. (Named two days later).

John Halama, Red Sox: In 1998, sent from Houston to Seattle along with Freddy Garcia and Carlos Guillen in exchange for Randy Johnson.

Scott Downs, Blue Jays: In 1998, sent from Chicago Cubs to Minnesota in exchange for Mike Morgan. (Named 70 days later)


OF Craig Wilson, Pirates: In 1996, traded from Toronto to Pittsburgh along with Jose Silva, two prospects and two other PNLs (Abraham Nunez and Mike Halperin) in exchange for Carlos Garcia, Dan Plesac and Orlando Merced. (Named 27 days later)

OF David Newhan, Orioles: In 2000, sent from San Diego to Philadelphia in exchange for Desi Relaford. (Named 3 days later)

OF Brady Clark, Brewers: In 2002, sent from Cincinnati to New York Mets along with Shawn Estes and another player to be named later (Raul Gonzalez) and cash in exchange for Pedro Feliciano and a prospect. (Named 24 days later)

INF Jason Smith, Tigers
: In 2001, sent from Chicago Cubs to Tampa Bay along with Manny Aybar in exchange for Fred McGriff. (Named 10 days later)

INF Bobby Hill, Pirates: In 2003, sent from Chicago Cubs along with Jose Hernandez and a prospect to Pittsburgh in exchange for Aramis Ramirez, Kenny Lofton and cash. (Named 23 days later).

INF Enrique Wilson, Cubs: In 1994, traded from Minnesota to Cleveland in exchange for Shawn Bryant. (Named 31 days later)

No longer active players who were named later:

3B Scott Brosius joined the Yankees in 1997 as a PNL when the A's traded him for Kenny Rogers and cash. (Named 11 days later)

2B/SS Jay Bell joined the Pirates in 1988 when the Indians traded him for Denny Gonzalez and another former PNL, Felix Fermin.

2B/OF Mark McLemore: In 1989, traded from California to Cleveland in exchange for Ron Tingley. (Named 41 days later)

SP Tim Belcher was given to the Dodgers four days after L.A. gave Oakland Rick Honeycutt.


Blogger Zach said...

Mike Kelly will best be remembered as someone who was traded for better players. I remember in 1997 when the Reds traded Kelly to one of the expansion teams for a "player to be named" then had Tampa select another player, and send that player back to Cincinnati as the "player to be named." This proves, once and for all, that Jim Bowden is almost too smart.
Of course, I believe the player the Reds lost, then got back was Scott Winchester. The story would be so much better if it was somebody more prominent.

July 01, 2005 4:04 AM  

Anonymous cg said...

There are some players on this roster that I can't imagine being those anonymous PNL's. Great research.

July 01, 2005 8:19 AM  

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