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By Suss
CLEVELAND - That almost didn't suck.

In a wild game, there were more than a few streaks kept alive. Let's count down from 14 -- a nice solid number and probably the ERA of many Diamondback relievers -- and fill in some spots if I can't find a streak or pertinent number in them.

14 - The number of batters who reached base that didn't get a base hit (10 walks, 2 hit batsmen, 2 errors)

13 - The number of consecutive starts Indians pitcher Cliff Lee has gone at least five innings.

12 - Couldn't really find a streak here, but the D-Backs got 11 hits and the Indians got 13, so it could be the mean hit total for both teams. It's a reach, but let's move on.

11 - Number of Indians who consecutively reached base in the bottom of the third inning

10 - The number of runs the Indians scored in a row in the bottom of the third inning, taking the lead for good. Also the number of consecutive games Diamondbacks second baseman Craig Counsell has scored a run (in which he played).

9 - Diamondbacks third baseman Troy Glaus's current hitting streak.

8 - The number of consecutive games in which the Diamondbacks have homered. Counsell and shortstop Royce Clayton each went yard. This is also the number of consecutive years I have attended a Diamondbacks game, tying the world record of eight held by many countless fans (they came into existence in 1998).

7 - The current win streak for Cleveland, a season high. They move up to 7-0 under skipper Eric Wedge post-stache. It's also the seventh straight game the D-Backs have played a game in which a save was not recorded. Diamondbacks outfielder Shawn Green and Indians outfielder Grady Sizemore have also hit in seven straight games.

6 - Consecutive games in which Claudio Vargas has appeared and given up at least three runs - not impressive when those six outings lasted 5, 3 2/3, 1 2/3, 1 1/3 and 2/3 innings.

5 - Straight Friday home games (all of them) in which the Indians have failed to draw at least 25,000 fans. Friday's game attendance of 23,138 was the first time they eclipsed the 20,000 echelon this year.

4 - With Arizona designated hitter Scott Hairston's 0-for-4, the Diamondbacks have only 4 hits in 36 at-bats for their DH spot this year. Again, another reach, but I'm getting lazy and just want to get through this.

3 - The amount of starts D-Backs pitcher's Brad Halsey has lost in a row since I blogged about his 4-2 record. Also Arizona has committed two errors in three consecutive games.

2 - While it is Arizona's current losing streak, it's more notable to mention it's the number of consecutive games in which they have allowed a 10-run inning, giving up at least a three-run lead.

1 - A streak of one? Too many to name.

Earlier I said the Indians are hot. Scoring 13 runs in a game will make you hotter, especially when you score them in bunches. In their 10-run third inning, the Indians batted 14 times, which meant 5 players batted twice in that inning.

The game was poorly pitched on both sides. The only 1-2-3 innings came in the 1st (both sides) and the 9th (only Arizona batted). Both lefties looked sharp until that third inning, when Clayton's solo homer and Tony Clark's two-run single -- his 1,000th career hit -- gave Arizona a 3-0 lead. But Halsey didn't make it out of the third. He was charged with 8 of the 10 runs in that inning -- four of them unearned thanks to two errors -- and when reliever Matt Herges stepped on the mound, things didn't get much better. His first two batters, shortstop Jhonny Peralta and Sizemore each homered. It was the first time Cleveland put a 10-spot in an inning since 1999.

Good news: the last team that gave up 10 runs in an inning in consecutive games was the 1969 Mets. They won the World Series that year.

The D-Backs are now 2-6 in games I see in person. I've seen both Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling lose games.
Anecdotal data, conveniently separated by ellipses: I also saw an old guy push over a little kid while fighting for a batting practice ball. When confronted by the kid's dad of accusations, he simply yelled "That's just shit!" Made me laugh. After averting a severe beatdown, Gramps saw the dad leave saying, "I'll give you 10 bucks and you can go buy yourself a ball." Classic . . . Our section won a lottery ticket, which I think everybody scratched and won another free lotto ticket. But here's the catch: it's a buy-one-get-one. Now we each have to pay $2 to get another $2 free. I would have been better off losing, but all the sections that didn't win think they got gypped . . . Earlier in the day, waiting in line for Subway, the guy in line next to me noticed by D-Backs jersey and said, "You a player or a fan?" I'm not sure what to make of it. It's either an insult to my team, or a compliment to my baseball ability . . . Why do people do the wave? Does it sober you up? Or does it freak out the opposing team, thinking an earthquake is coming? . . . The flies were out in record numbers. People were shooing them in other sections with the free beach towel they gave us. I yelled out, "Sinners!" . . . In batting practice, a surefire way not to get a ball thrown at you by a ball-shagging outfielder is to say "Please, mister purple shirt guy! I'm desperate to get a ball!" Doesn't work for sex, doesn't work for free baseballs . . . My friend finally got the Biblical reference on the way back home. Yeah, it took him that long. My jokes were admittedly getting too obscure . . . Slider is one goofy mascot. What the heck is it supposed to be? . . . I never knew why people around me booed at balls and strikes. We're hundreds of feet away and are in no position to see if it was over the plate . . . Keeping score is a fun way to keep track of the game, until your team gives up 10 runs in an inning. Not only do you have to waste a column on the second time through the line-up, but it was evident that the runs I was blacking in were becoming more homicidal looking.

EDIT: The score in the headline said "13-9." That was never entirely true, on account of Arizona only scoring 6. Upside down mistakage.


Blogger T. Stark said...

This is great

>>a nice solid number and probably the ERA of many Diamondback relievers

ha ha great line - and oh so true. You reminded me I need to go see the D-backs (remember I live in AZ) before i lose the will. i've lived here since May 2003 and haven't seen them, yet. Not really a fan (I'm a Mariners fan and a Randy Johnson fan EVEN in a NY uniform although it was a stupid move on his part) but more of a fan then either the Cardinals or the Suns.

June 21, 2005 1:00 AM  

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