Thursday, July 07, 2005

« Piniella wants to start games with middle relief »

By Suss
Lou Piniella had a novel idea to try and turn things around in Tampa Bay.

After blowing a game in the 8th with his middle relief, he's decided to flip-flop the roles of his rotation and bullpen.

Essentially, Middle relief will start the games. Starters will come on in the third or fourth inning and work their way to Danys Baez, the St. Petersburg Times reports.

First off, don't experiment with a radical pitching lineup against the White Sox. (Or maybe you have nothing to lose?)

However, if your best pitchers are in the rotation, you want them pitching in the close and late innings.

Worth a shot, I guess.

If teams in the AL East aren't yet an attention whore, now they are. (Toronto, we're waiting on you.)