Tuesday, June 14, 2005

« 1,000 AL hits since 2000 »

By Suss
Since 2000, only one baseball player has recorded 1,000 hits in the American League. Who is it?

a) Johnny Damon, Royals-Athletics-Red Sox b) Derek Jeter, Yankees c) Alex Rodriguez, Mariners-Rangers-Yankees d) Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners e) Miguel Tejada, Athletics-Orioles

The other four have at least 990 hits, so it's close. But this guy did it first with a hit on Monday night.

But here's a few more clues, and if you're a fan of the guy you might just know it unless you scroll down.

He's played every game since June 1, 2000, -- more than 800, the active leader -- and if he plays every game this year he'll have the seventh longest consecutive game streak in MLB history, ahead of Stan Musial's 895.

He's a one-time MVP, two-time All-Star.

Last year he led the league in RBI and sacrifice flies.

If he drives in 49 more runs this year, he'll have six straight years of 100 or more RBI.

It's not Jeter or Damon - neither have been MVP.

It's not Ichiro (although he was at a disadvantage since he joined the league in 2001.)

And it's not A-Rod. It's Miguel Tejada.

He's earned the chance to be mentioned as one of today's greatest players. He leads the AL in slugging percentage (.663). He's second in homers (170), third in RBI (49) and fourth in batting average (.324). He probably won't win the Triple Crown, but then again who will in that league?