Thursday, July 07, 2005

« Shelton, Tigers AL Central's X-Factor »

By Suss
Tigers first baseman/designated hitter Chris Shelton is tearing up the big leagues.

In 33 complete games, he's hitting .343 with 5 homers and 22 RBI. While he had a late start, he is on pace to be a serious Rookie of the Year candidate.

Right now the favorites are Tad Iguchi (White Sox second baseman), Nick Swisher (A's outfielder), Robinson Cano (Yankees second baseman) and maybe Jeremy Reed (Mariners outfielder).

And in today's game against the D-Rays, Shelton hit a two-run homer. Today he's the third hitter, only because Pudge isn't in the lineup.

I don't think the team has what it takes to make the playoffs, but they'll make some waves this year with their offense alone, and probably disrupt the flow of any team with a winning streak who swaggers into Detroit.